Saturday, February 10, 2007

Web pages: Protopage

Here's another way to make a web site using the very new and quite different-looking tools offered by the Protopage people.

Start at the Protopage site. Signing up is free and simple. Use a content-related name as this will appear in your web address - for individual units or topics you will be able to have separate pages so don't be too specific.

There are simple instructions provided on the first page. To add items you will need to use Widgets, available on the bottom bar.

These you then drag into any position on the page. Gravity on helps to keep things tidy.

The background and colours of panels are very customisable and pages have a unique appearance which can be quite stylish.

Sticky note

Use this panel for simple text - a bit like this section. It can be as long as you like and you can copy and paste text into it. Ideal for an introduction or short notes.

HTML / Rich text sticky note

This is better for text that you'd like a little larger and is more suitable for longer notes. The font size, and colour can be changed. You can also include links and things like lines in the text easily.


The Calendar panel provides options to highlight future important dates. You can't display titles on the panel but further detail will appear when users hover over a date.


The Bookmarks panel is ideal for a selection of recommended links to other resources. Edit the panel and add as many as you like.Add a newsfeed to bring onto the page a panel of your Web log headings or choose from a selection of general interest or subject-related ones available.


Panels can also be set as either open or closed by clicking on the little icon top left. To change the title of a panel, just click on the title text and retype it.

You can add new tabs or pages, even new categories of pages. Click on the arrow to the right of a category tab and Add new tab. Similarly you will get options to change colours or delete individual tabs.

This will also provide options to make pages public, private or restricted to users with a password.

There are lots of privately created widgets available for Protopage pages and even a facility, Web page, to feature a complete external web site within your own page. A To Do list can be useful and a comprehensive search facilty is included by default.

Add your RSS Feed

To add your web log content to the page, use the Add Feed link as mentioned previously. Then use the ADD YOUR OWN section and the address to put in the box will be your Blogger web log address. Protopage will check that it is available.